JUUL Compatible EonSmoke Pods

Fruits, Menthols, Desserts & Tobaccos, 4 Pieces/Pack

Blueberry: A subtle batch of freshly picked blueberries.

Cool Mint: Enjoy a sweet mint with a hint of coolness to satisfy your menthol without overdo.

Grape: A delicious subtle creamy grape.

Mango: Just the same as your traditional mango, a nice sweet mango that'll satisfy your cravings.

Mixed: Silky Strawberry, Mango, Cool Mint and Watermelon.

Pineapple Crush: A sweet pineapple with a carbonated feeling! 

Silky Strawberry: Sweet juicy strawberries that'll satisfy your sweet tooth.

Tobacco: Simple tobacco.

Watermelon: Fresh cut watermelon.