Vuse (Vype) ePod Pods

Fruits, Desserts, Mints & Tobaccos, 2-4 Pieces/Pack

Blood Orange - Freshly-peeled flavour with zesty orange and deep red pomegranate notes.

Garden Strawberry - A fusion of strawberry with green fruit notes.

Golden Tobacco (Tobacco Marvel) - Smooth golden tobacco.

Infused Cucumber - A collision of cucumber freshness with an element of tanginess.

Multipack - Berry Blast, Mango Medley, Polar Mint, Vanilla Medley.

Polar Mint - An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.

Vanilla Medley - Smooth vanilla with soft notes of cinnamon.

Very Berry (Berry Blast) - A deep yet light blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.

Wild Mango (Mango Wonder) - Flavourful tropical mango.