Allo Sync Pods

3 Pieces/Pack

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Banana Ice: Banana, Mint/Menthol.

Berry Blast: Berry.

Blue Raspberry: Blueberry, Raspberry.

Blueberry Ice: Blueberry, Mint/Menthol.

Classic Tobacco: Classic Tobacco.

Frost: Mint/Menthol.

Fuji Apple Ice: Apple, Mint/Menthol.

Grapple: Apple, Grape.

Guava Ice: Guava, Mint/Menthol.

Honeydew Menthol: Honeydew, Mint/Menthol.

Juicy Mango: Mango.

Lemon Trail: Lemon.

Lychee Ice: Lychee, Mint/Menthol.

Melon Ice: Melon, Mint/Menthol.

Orange Mango Guava: Orange, Mango, Guava.

Peach Ice: Peach, Mint/Menthol.

Pineapple Ice: Pineapple, Mint/Menthol.

Pomegranate Ice: Pomegranate, Mint/Menthol.

Strawberry Watermelon: Strawberry, Watermelon.

Watermelon Ice: Watermelon, Mint/Menthol.